Zen Meditations: A Daily Mindfulness Journal

Daily meditation has benefits beyond body and mind. Meditation is both a skill and an experience that can positively impact your overall health and happiness. This journal presents you with daily prompts from great minds to assist you in managing your feelings and thoughts using the lifelong skill of everyday mindfulness.

This journal can be used in different ways. Some use it before meditations to expel ideas, thoughts, emotions out of their minds to experience a more peaceful flow. Some use it after meditating to record how they feel. Some use it to record their goals for the day. There is no wrong way to use this journal.

Zen Meditations Cover EBook

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370 Pages

Publish Date

July 22, 2021







Science shows us that meditation, especially daily guided meditations, give us tangible benefits:
  • Meditation enhances empathy
  • Meditation improves cognition
  • Meditation is a natural stress stabilizer
  • Meditation promotes emotional health and well-being
  • Meditation increases attention by inducing a state of flow

A large-scale study found that regular meditation decreases the likelihood of developing depression and mood-related disorders (Jain, Walsh, Eisendrath, Christensen, & Cahn, 2015).

The explicit goal of meditating is to be aware of your senses including your body mind and spirit.

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.


Shakti V Raja

Shakti V Raja is a pilgrim on a never ending journey to find truth and peace. This is the template of his personal journal for daily reflection of self and mindfulness. The hope is that it brings as much introspection to you as it has for him.